Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 6: Welcome to BW water

Rushden and Diamonds - Gayton Junction
23 miles, 35 locks
An uneventful but sunny day on the Nene arriving at Northampton at 5. At Ditchford Lock I saw that there was a little farm shop in the back of a parked up truck so I left James to the lock and bought some local eggs and potatoes. Worth stopping at if you are on the Nene. I was also delighted to find chamomile and pineappleweed growing at Lower Wellingborough lock and made some nice tea. Passing Billing Aquadrome was entertaining, with lots of kids about, wanting to race us in their inflatable boats and swimming. It was such a hot day that I almost envied them! At Northampton, a family with several little boys enjoyed 'helping' us with the lock. We decided to try to make Gayton Junction by the evening and so headed up the 17 lock flight behind another boat, NB Foxtrot. Progress was slow due to low water levels but we were moored at Gayton by 9pm. Looking forwards to the canals proper tomorrow. No idea how far we'll get but it doesn't really matter. We are on the canals again and I can't wait!


  1. Hi Amy
    So I wanted to send a private reply , but seems your link doesn't work.
    Is there another way to chat/talk/send to you?

  2. Blimey, I didn't know Lucky Duck was a speedboat! I'm exhausted just reading it. I think we went from Cogenhoe to Gayton on a hot day and I was beaten at the finish.

    When you get to Berko, you might like to indulge your penchant for a drop of good cider by walking down to the Rising Sun at the bottom lock. They have a very good selection on draught, including when we were last there a delicious apple and pear cider.


  3. Hi Amy
    Is your cat named after the Philip Pullman character?
    I think we'll be on the Wendover Arm when you come by. Make sure you stop at Marsworth to see the beautiful reservoirs. Hope we can meet for a drink!