Wednesday, 20 July 2011

2011 Bumps Races Day 2

A mixed day for Chesterton- a fantastic row for M1 resulting in James's first bump for 4 years as.well as a bump for M2 but both my crew and M3 went down one. W2 rowed over.

The triumphant M1, with Chesterton's newest member!

I really enjoyed our race nonetheless because we managed to row for about 1km with another boat hard on our tail, stayed strong and composed and only conceded because we slowed around a corner.

There was additional drama when James crew had to find a sub at the last minute as one of their crew was hospitalised with a collapsed lung! He is doing fine, post surgery but won't be rowing the rest of the week! Thankfully a friend and 'retired' rower stepped into his place. Will has written up the story, and there are more pictures at the Club blog.

Paul, captain of M2 is also keeping a Bumps Blog for the Cambridge News!

M1 - up one
M2 - up one
M3 - down one
W1 - down one
W2 - rowed over

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