Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 7: Milton Keynes

Gayton Junction - Fenny Stratford
21 miles 8 locks

Apologies first: the 12V laptop charger which used to work fine has taken to cutting out without warning. So I'm having to write all the blogs on the phone. Hence, until its fixed there won't be many detailed blogs or any with more than one image. Very annoyed by this!

Anyway, today's cruising. It was dull, weather wise but.some nice bits of canal. So good to be back on the canals! We started with Blisworth tunnel and James tried out his new 12V stern mounted floodlight which apparently made the tunnel a lot more fun.

Shortly afterwards we stopped for diesel at Baxters in Yardley Gobion although we really want to fill up from one of the fuel boats. We passed Ascot and Beverley, a coal and diesel selling pair but noone was in. We've been in touch with various other fuel boats and hope to meet up with Hyperion for diesel soon.

Soon we were in Milton Keynes. It has several awesome aqueducts like in the photo, including one over the Ouse. One day hopefully the Ouse will be linked to the Grand Union at MK and we will be able to miss out the whole Middle Levels and the Nene.

We have stopped outside the city proper, near to Fenny Stratford. A shortish day for us - we were moored up by 6. We had dinner at the Plough and then stocked up at Tescos. We had planned to stop at the big one in Leighton Buzzard but when we saw that there was one close by we decided to provison now and avoid having to stop tomorrow. We had half hoped to go to the MK IKEA but we arrived too late. Maybe we'll make it there on the way back.

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  1. Don't go to IKEA, there is a minimum £100 spend!!! Dad