Thursday, 26 August 2010

In the Bag

Living on a boat named Lucky Duck, it is perhaps unsurprising that we are often given duck related paraphernalia. At first, it was exciting and novel, then it started to become a bit tedious, and now, we have come to accept and embrace it, to the extent that I end up noticing and being attracted to duck related ornaments and patterns.

So, when I saw this lovely brocade duck patterned handbag on sale for £8 in one of my favourite shops, Ark, I simply couldn't resist. I have been vaguely looking for a smartish handbag for a while, as I often end up using old supermarket carrierbags or whatever comes to hand when I go into town. A nice canvas bag which I got from the library ( with the slightly odd slogan: 'You'll be surprised what you'll find in your library!') is useful but its open at the top and so not waterproof. This one, despite looking open, has a concealed zip inside to seal it up, as well as a little detatchable purse, and various useful pockets. And I just love the pattern.

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