Friday, 20 August 2010

Day Twenty-Nine: Against Wind and Tide

EDIT: the camera was the right way up when I took the photo, don't know why it turned upside down when I uploaded it!

March - Littleport

23 miles, 3 locks

Middle Level, River Ouse

We are feeling somewhat windswept after a very blowy cruise through the fens. We began in March where the navigation is sheltered but once out into the Fens with no buildings to shelter behind, the going became much tougher.

Mostly we took turns at the tiller except through the villages of Upwell and Outwell where it was again sheltered. In Outwell, we passed nb Caxton and exchanged a few words (nice to finally meet them!) before heading to Salters Lode to catch the tide. We arrived a little early and had a bit of a chat with Paul the lockkeeper and his wife- they've just bought themselves a narrowboat and we helped them move it. While the other boats were coming and going through the lock we stayed and watched. The strong wind made the passage between Denver and Salters Lode even more exciting!

When it was our turn we said our farewells to Paul and headed for Denver. This is always fun, involving lots of throttle to get headway against the tide. We shared the lock with nb Sarah B whom we'd seen at Ashline.

By the time we were through, it was 5.30. We made it to Littleport in 2.5 hours, even against the wind and the current. Just before the town I was at the helm and passed nb Pas M├Ęche who called that they read the blog! Always fun to meet readers.

Mooring up in Littleport was tough in the wind. We saw a spot but had to ask another boat to move up slightly so that we'd fit. So I had to leap off and politely ask a couple who were eating their dinner if they'd mind moving back. They did so very obligingly especially given that the woman was in what I can only presume were her nightclothes!

Now we're off for dinner in our favourite Indian restaurant, in Littleport, the Indian Garden. We booked a table while at Denver, to give ourselves something to aim for!

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  1. Goodness, the wind must have been really bad to blow your camera upside down!! Really enjoy reading your blog.