Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day Twelve: Loogaborooga

Leicester - Loughborough

16 miles, 11 locks

Just a short one because we're in a cafe at the cinema, and the laptop battery's running out.

This morning, we were lucky enough to find a boat to share the locks out of Leicester. nb Trundle, from March, with whom we shared all the locks up until Junction Lock, also blog at Trundlin' Along. They were friendly, and it was much more pleasant to share locks!

Trundling out of Leicester

The countryside this side of Leicester is lovely too. The canal (sometimes joining up with the Soar) runs through watermeadows which make the route pretty but sometime overgrown. Meeting boats coming the other way when there are willows blocking your view is a bit hair-raising.

We stopped for diesel at a boatyard near Barrow-on-Soar. It was a reasonable price so we filled the tank.

It was then a pleasant run into Loughborough (which James insists upon calling Loogaborooga...) where we are now moored for the night. We failed to get to a cinema last night because the one we headed for had moved, although the Google Maps location still showed the old venue. So we are trying again tonight, have found the cinema (in a proper old art deco building) and got tickets.

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  1. The countryside this side of Leicester is lovely too. I like it!