Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day Thirty-One: Home

Old Mooring - Cambridge

Today dawned beautifully hot and sunny, despite gloomy predictions. We were delighted, since we had two friends joining us for the trip into town.

We enjoyed the final run into Cambridge, passing all the old familiar sights and the ever increasing quantities of rowers. It remained sunny and so we felt glad to be back as we cruised past our old mooring (now occupied by someone else, as is the way with our mooring scheme) and over to the waterpoint.

Now we are moored in an old spot which we used for a bit before we all moved for the fair and everyone shuffled around. It is in a gap between two trees so gets sun, and Lyra likes it because she can explore the yard behind Midsummer House. Its also very close to the Fort and the boathouses. Lyra is playing outside, enjoying her newfound freedom!

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