Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New Club Blog

James recently set up a blog for our rowing club. The main club website is looking a bit old. Although it is functional, it is pretty dead and only gets used for people booking rowing machines and other tedia (is that the plural of tedium?).

So, we thought (in the pub last night) that if we had a club blog that people regularly contributed to, it might help make the website more useful, interactive and fun. As many of us have blogs already, it will be easy for us to get online and get contributing. Several people have accepted the invitation to be contributors already.

The boys took their new boat out for the first time on Saturday. One of the crew, William, has also been blogging about it on his (mainly) science blog, Stoat, and has also uploaded some lovely photos of the switch over from wood to plastic on his Flickr account:
The J8 awaits her rowers
This beautiful shiny boat is the OLD one!

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