Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Finally Cracked

Our stove glass has long had a small crack in the corner, but just before we went away for the weekend, it fully cracked such that it was no longer airtight in any way.

I have ordered a replacement glass and the ceramic rope and heat resistant glue with which to seal it, but in the meantime, we are not able to use the stove safely. Thankfully its not too cold at the moment, but we are still wearing big jumpers and sleeping in our sleeping bag with the duvet on top to keep out the cold! Fingers crossed the delivery arrives soon.

In other news, we have had the fridge on all day today, and the regulator battery status monitor is showing green, even though it was on orange this morning. So that means we can run the fridge from the solar panel even on a dull rainy day! Brilliant!


  1. Its going to turn cold, can't you get some one in the area to cut you a pice of steel to put in placeof the glass as a temporary fix

  2. Wow. The fridge is the real battery killer for us so now I'm really tempted to get a panel.

  3. I had a crack in my stove door a couple of years ago, then, doing a crazy dance, accidently booted in the glass on one of the coldest days of the year ;-) I bought a ready-made, pre-packaged stove glass from Tooley's boatyard which was perfect. I should really have bought a spare one but that would have meant being organised. Good luck with yours!
    - Carrie (nb Blackbird)

  4. If the fire's drawing properly, is it really so dangerous to use it with a crack in the glass, bearing in mind that many stoves have open grates at the front in any case? I wouldn't sleep with it, and I'd make sure the boat was well ventilated, but I wouldn't freeze for worrying about it.