Tuesday, 16 March 2010

For Sale- Rutland 913

We're selling our Rutland wind genny as our new mooring isn't windy enough.

For sale: Rutland 913 turbine, HRDi regulator, 8' lightweight but strong carbon fibre pole, guy wires with turnbuckles and fixings, fuse and holder, and wire to connect the setup. Only in use since August last year, so in completely as-bought condition. Manuals and instructions available too.

This is the complete system- all you need to do is mount the pole and connect the regulator to the batteries!

The turbine is in completely as-bought condition, and has only been used since late August last year.

The regulator- HRDi model- has full PWM charging for up to 120w of solar panels as well as the turbine; a detailed LCD display indicating battery voltage, charging current, and cumulative amp hours into both battery banks; temperature compensation; blocking diode and manual shutdown switch. I've had 48ah from the turbine on one windy day! The regulator has three-stage charging and can completely automatically handle the input from the turbine, as it will turn off when the batteries are fully charged.

The turbine is 12v, and the regulator can be used with either 12v or 24v systems.

Approx. £620 to buy the gear new, but we're asking £400 ONO. I might split up the lots if people really want one of the parts, but it might be best to keep it as one.

It's probably easier and cheaper to collect from Cambridge, but I could look into shipping for the turbine and regulator. The pole, being 8' long, could be more of a challenge!