Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Having sold our wind genny, we have put the money to good use and ordered a 136W peel and stick solar panel kit from Midsummer Energy. It includes all the wires, and fuses, and a regulator. We have chosen a MPPT Steca regulator, which has the capacity to connect another similar solar panel when we buy one in time for next winter.

These panels are great: low profile, robust, and flexible, they're perfect for narrowboat roofs.

nb Hornblower (from Midsummer Energy website)


  1. Be sure to update us how it performs, I might get one if yours is successful. It looks like a good choice, although you won't be able it to fully angle it to the sun. I thought their installation instructions were about the best I've seen.


  2. Two months on and I'd also be most interested in an update for how the panel has been holding up!

    I'm trying to allow for the possibility of adding a pair of the Unisolar 3-metre panels (one down each side of the roof; ...requires one mushroom vent moving) in addition to the main "ladder" array.

    Thoughts/annoyances? Any leaks from the bottom-mounted cables? MPPT tracker holding up?