Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Strong Stream Advice has been issued for the River Cam

...although it's not got to the stage of reversing locks yet (an operation on the Nene and Ouse, where the EA chain open both sets of lock gates in an emergency) the river has risen pretty swiftly. We woke up this morning to peace and quiet- no passing rowing boats. This ought to have been suspicious, until I went to put my foot onto dry land and get off the boat, only to find that the land wasn't as dry as it should have been! We put the floodpoles in and loosened the mooring ropes, and went to work. Amy managed to leave early to check on the boat, so we weren't too worried.

There had been a strong flow yesterday, and we nearly moored up next to Jesus lock. The visitor moorings were full, however, and we moved onto a different mooring, which was good because this was the scene that greeted me when I went back this afternoon:

Big John's boat, Pippin.

Turbulent water- glad we're not moored there...

The sluices were fully open and the river was significantly higher than normal. We've escaped lightly, however, at the mooring where we are because the bank is slightly higher than elsewhere, with a nice solid edge, along with some mooring loops in solid foundations. Other people hadn't been so lucky- their mooring pins became submerged, and as the ground got wetter and wetter, they started to come loose. One narrowboater ended up waking up when travelling sideways downstream and was assisted by some passing rowers, livening up their morning after the rowing was cancelled.

On the way back tonight, I walked along the river and took a few photographs; it looks like I might not be rowing from City of Cambridge boathouse tomorrow! The hard is completely submerged in some places, and has come in under the doors.

So we're sitting tight tonight, with the fire on, and a nice sturdy plank to walk across... ;)

(nb Kestrel's ex-plank)


  1. glad you are ok .i did hear on the radio of flood warning.

  2. Hey you two!

    Thanks for the pics of Pippin on your blog. Fame at last!!!! But you missed the big fun tonight from about 4.30 when fresh snow started to fall....The Cam was dropping like a dropping thing. First, we dislodged Nooksak from a precarious bow grounded type position (see Kestrel's blog for the gory details) then I walked back to Pippin to see her at an extremely unseemly angle......
    Jackie, my beloved wife, is due back from London at 8.00 p.m.
    I make a swift decision.
    Like a bastard..
    "Hello darling, all is well, but you should stay in town tonight (we have a tiny, currently tenantless, flat there)as it's really snowing quite hard here..."
    Get on phone and send out huge Mayday to fellow Camboaters....

    Thank you Rhian, Andy R, Mike, Emma, James and a gentleman whose name escaped me because 55HP of Beta's best was doing it's stuff at the 'top of the green' right in my ear'ole... Without your help, I would have been up Cam Creek without a Paddle!!!!!

    Pippin is safely off the bank and bumping her ample beam against the concrete (Bad news for the paintwork, good news for flotation...)

    By the way, I am working on the Mk2 Deluxe version of the experimental grappling hook that you saw in The Fort the other night. You know you are going to want it....

    Try not to dent any more bridges and I won't have to threaten any more Anon commenters with love, hugs, and Glasgow kisses

    All the above except the Glasgow part,

    Big John