Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pannekucken ins kookpannen

In which the Duck goes Dutch, dank u wel, for pancake day. Or Pannekuchen Dag as it might be known...

Today we decided to have pancakes... with a twist. Rather than just make sweet pancakes with sugar or honey, we decided to try the Dutch savoury version for starters, followed by sweet ones for pudding.

So we fried chopped bacon and added that to the mix as it cooked, and then poured over honey and sugar just before serving.

The idea came mostly from Amy's Dutch friend Hanne, who introduced savoury pancakes to her a few years ago, which then led us to our now favourite London restaurant- My Old Dutch- which serves big, big, BIG Dutch pancakes. They have pans about two foot wide, and plates that are equally large, and a wide selection of sweet and savoury pancakes.

Our own ones weren't quite as large, but they were very, very nice!

(I think my Dutch grammar is wrong in the title, though...)

(An early attempt, that wasn't quite as good...)


  1. Just remember if you eat the mistakes, there is no proof you made a mistake!