Thursday, 12 February 2009

Kestrel and the Blue Boat

It's often joked that Jess on Kestrel isn't just barking at rowers, she's actually coaching them.

Today, the Blue Boat (the ones who race in the Boat Race) had a naming ceremony for a new boat, called, appropriately enough, "The 800th". They took their lovely shiny brand-new Empacher out on to the flood, having waded through ice-cold water up to their thighs. (Cox Rebecca Dowbiggin got a piggy back from her strokeman- I don't think James would ever consent to carry me into the boat if flooded!)

So whilst they paused by Kestrel and turned around, they got the benefit of Jess' expert coaching whilst they were swept relentlessly downstream by the fast flow.

Good practice for the Tideway...


  1. I am rather concerned about a slightly uneven rock over which puts the start of the slide out of time. They sort it out by the catch but it’s going to cost them balance unless they can fix it.

    While I was glad they came up to get my opinion this morning I feel that the crew, like so many college crews, could pay more attention to my considered advice. Mostly they just shout "woof woof", what's that supposed to mean? Sometimes I despair.

  2. Jess, I am totally with you on this one.

    Why not just tell them to shut up, relax and have a nice bowl of Winalot.....

    Love and woofs,

    Big John