Thursday, 12 February 2009

In which the Duck is entirely surrounded by water

This was the sight that greeted us this morning. The river level had risen overnight and we are now entirely surrounded.

The ladder and gangplank are getting a good use, and at the moment are just about long enough- otherwise it's wet feet time! The wellies are, annoyingly, tucked away in the welldeck storage and it will require a mission to retrieve them if the level rises any further.

Other than that, we're safe and happy. We've got our floodpoles in between the boat and the hard bank edge (which is currently under some six inches of water) so that we won't float over onto the land if the level rises further. The ground anchor is in firm dry ground at the front of the boat, and the back is secured to a mooring ring. All the lines are loose so we can rise or fall quite happily. I'd be happier if we were in the centre of town, and not quite so far off the beaten boater track- that way, we might have been able to stay at the pub until nearer closing time, rather than having to walk home early!

But we're coping. Unlike other people, our feet don't get wet when getting on and off- yet.

A few photos of happenings in Cambridge:

A very soggy Combined boathouse

An unlucky, un-attended boat. Looks like it'll need professional salvage.

The floodplain by the new flats doing its job.

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