Friday, 2 January 2009

All Along the Rochdale

On our way back to Bracknell from the wedding in Huddersfield, we stopped off at Manchester, where we had an hour's wait before our train. We had a look around the city centre, as Amy was convinced "the canal's just along here, honest!" I wasn't convinced at first, but after dodging trams and cyclists we found ourselves on the diverse and vibrant Canal Street alongside the Rochdale canal.

Maybe one day we'll be along here on the Duck- though hopefully not with the cooling system we've got at the moment, the water was full of rubbish and plastic bags!


  1. Hiya Both
    Having "done" the Rochdale last spring, I reckon you'll need quick release access to your weed hatch, as well as good screens on your intake! And then you'll still have to dodge the floating settees, armchairs, fridges etc that you'll encounter. Having said all that, though, it's certainly an interesting trip....

  2. Happy New Year to you both. you brave young people you!!

    The Warriors

    J is 'up the boat' having fun with the Moomin and he has web access as well, clever, clever Moomin.

  3. Looks like you missed out on the diversity and vibrancy though....

  4. We're hoping to do Manchester by boat later this year. I can see why people say those locks can be hard work, with all the water coming over the top of the gates. I'm also told that from one safe mooring to another is 27 locks ...