Monday, 29 December 2008

We wish you merry tidings of comfort and mangers, three ships and auld jingle santa babies &c.

Merry Christmas to all!

It's a bit belated; we've been to a wedding- where Amy managed to upstage the bride in my eyes at least. We've been to see various assorted relations in my family, including our Most Avid Blog Readers (hello!) and also saw various sights in Yorkshire at the wedding, including the Standedge Tunnel (which is FAR quicker by train!) and the Rochdale Canal in the centre of Manchester, where we stopped on the way back by train.

All in all, a hectic few days- a more detailed update will hopefully follow shortly.

And, hopefully, the Duck will still be afloat on our return- I played around with bits of cork, tinfoil and wire to make an automatic switch for the bilge pump, before giving up, going to Ely and buying a proper Rule switch from the swindlery- sorry, Chandlery. The stern gland has been weeping a bit, and leaving the boat unattended for a few days could have ended up with a damp engine bilge if we'd not been around to pump it out, hence the switch.

I'm sitting in my brother's lovely room and typing this on a somewhat swish Macbook Pro. Apparently it's called Adam. He's pestering me to mention him, so there it was.

Happy New Year to all- though, hopefully, there will be one last post for 2008 to come.

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  1. Boo! It was grand to see you before Xmas, both of you.

    Please email/text with the title/author of the book you wanted for credit my memory with far too much if you expect me to remember it. Unless something bilge (or whatever)-related has become more urgent and/or useful and/or attractive in the meantime, in which case tell me that instead...

    Freya x