Friday, 2 January 2009

Return to the Flatlands

On the 29th, we returned to Upware in style. No bus journey then a cycle ride along the roads, oh no! My dad had offered to give us a lift in, so we navigated back to the Middle Of Nowhere (TM) via Tesco in Cambridge.

My granddad came too, along with a present for us- an unused 110 Ah battery. Well, it beats Worthers Original! Thankyou very much. The plan is to wire it to just the bilge pump, so that no matter what the state of the leisure batteries there will be a fully charged, un-used battery for the bilge pump. On the subject of which, we arrived back in Upware and found the Duck still afloat which was, of course, a bonus. We transfered our large amounts of luggage onto the boat and went for a cruise in the very, VERY cold weather. We didn't even get as far as Pope's Corner before turning around and heading back to the pub.

After a wonderful dinner at the Five Miles next to the marina (thanks, Dad's credit card!) they headed back towards Bracknell, and we wrapped up warm and moved the boat towards Clayhithe. We had a nice run (although the lock was against us, and the mist rolled in over the Fens) and moored up safely just as Dad and Granddad turned onto the M4 from the M25.

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