Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Let them eat cake?

Last night, after dinner, I really craved something sweet, but the walk to the Co-Op, all of 5 minutes away, seemed too much effort! So i rummaged in the cupboard and larder, only to discover that I had all the ingredients for a Honey cake. Somehow, theis seemed like an easier option than walking to the shops, and I'm sure it was far tastier!

I still have to get used to baking in my oven though. Baked potatoes were impossible- still hard after hours at the highest temp, but this cake was on the brink of becoming burnt after 30 minutes at Gas Mark 4, when the recipe stated 1 hour!

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  1. Hi,
    To bake spuds (if you have a solid fuel stove!)
    Rake hot coals/wood etc to one side leaving a clear space on the grate, wrap spud in double foil & pop in oven. 1st time I tried left it too long resulting in shrivelled lump of carbon but usually an hour to hour & half is long enough depending on how well done you like your spud.