Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Following a request from an interested party, I was compelled to make use of the software available to me at work, and made a rough plan of the boat in my lunch hour. It just shows how the space is used. I've not labelled everything, but hopefully it makes sense.

Starting from the welldeck, which is larger than most, with a custom-made cratch cover, storage lockers and gas-bottle holders, you enter through beautiful red cast iron curved doors. Inside, immediately on left and right are small corner shelves for TV, books and trinkets etc. There is a double fold out sofa/futon that just fits when fully opened out. A lovely Mørso Squirrel solid fuel stove heats the saloon, and the bedroom, by way of a backboiler. Its also great for cooking stews on, I can't wait! A table folds out from the wall, and a storage box, with a lid that slides out forms an extendable seat for dining. The windows in the saloon and kitchen are all bus windows, and in very good condition. The floorboards were only recently laid. I'd quite like to find small rug to put in the saloon, I think. The galley has cupboards which slide out rather than hinge open, making everything easy to get at. They are carefully arranged so that they don't clash with the opposite ones as well. There is a gas oven and a fridge, which has a computer fan behind it to draw cool air up from the bilges, making it more efficient. Through to the shower room, which is a wet-room (all the walls and floor are covered in a waterproof layer of vinyl) containing a portapotti and a sink with shelves beneath. There is a plughole in the floor under the sink. The bedroom has portholes rather than windows and is cunningly arranged such that there is space underneath, when the bed is lifted up on gas struts, for a desk, chest of drawers, toploading wardrobe and bookshelf. The engine room has a storage locker and removable floorboards for access to the engine and weed hatch.

It won't look like much until you click on the image to enlarge it. but hopefully it should be more readable than the version I had up yesterday.


  1. Don't forget to try baking potatoes in the ash pan, not being able to do that is the biggest problem with our diesel stove.

  2. Amy, do you need anything for the boat? *fishes for boat-warming ideas*

    Actually, will it be a boat wetting, rather than a boat warming? :p