Friday, 25 July 2008

Getting Prepared

We now have a full set of the canal and river guides that we need from Nicholson and Imray . Since we are going to be traveling on 6 different canals and 5 rivers, it was quite a large package that arrived at work this morning, especially since we ordered the Diesel Troubleshooter and Narrow Boats: Care and Maintenance. But we got them all from The Book Depository which is cheaper than Amazon and has free delivery on everything! I was most impressed, although they did take a little longer (4 days).

So, we are nearly there. Tomorrow we go to Engine Arm to drop off the first load of possessions then we have until Friday to get the rest ready -things we will actually need for the journey. Its all so exciting. Exactly a week to go!


  1. go by while we are tied up at Cropredy - don't pass without saying hello! Do you still have my mobile no? Give us an hour or two's notice and we will be there to see The Duck!

  2. I do still have your number :) Wouldn't dream of passing Warrior without saying hello!

  3. hmm... first few words went astray there. It looks like you will go by...