Thursday, 31 July 2008

Last night on land!

After tonight, we will be sleeping in our boat for the forseeable future! That's a very exciting thought! Yesterday James went back to Bracknell and picked up two garden chairs which will arrive on the boat when James' mum comes to visit, and some of his grandad's old tools as well as buying and being given (thanks Alison!) some more. This resulted in an extremely heavy toolbox to lug half-way across London. We were meeting friends in Camden for dinner, and he didn't have time to take the box home beforehand. While in Camden we tested out our new BW key (despite the lock enclosure being open) but didn't make it across the balance beams to the central island, sadly, as a result of having the box with us.

When we got home eventually, James showed me the contents of the box which was extremely exciting, including lots of prop-clearing devices, and various other old, lovely-smelling tools. One of the hammers is from 1941!

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