Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Part I of the Voyage

I have been looking at Canal Plan AC (I love that its a palindrome) and have been working out the first stage of the journey to London. From Birmingham (Engine Arm) we need to go Camden Lock in order to get my possessions from London, by 25th August. We are planning to go down the Birmingham and Worcester, onto the Stratford, then the Grand Union briefly before heading down the Oxford, onto the Thames and into London. We'll be stopping for longer in Oxford and Reading, in order to see friends and family, although if you see us, we can be persuaded to stop anywhere that will give us a cup of tea!

The route from Canal Plan:

Total distance is 212 miles, 5¼ flg and 153 locks. There are at least 30 moveable bridges of which 20 are usually left open; 8 small aqueducts or underbridges and 4 tunnels.

Made up of 71 miles, 1 furlong of narrow canals; 42 miles, 4 furlongs of broad canals; 0 miles, ¾ furlongs of small rivers; 93 miles, 6½ furlongs of large rivers; 5 miles, ¾ furlongs of tidal rivers; 61 narrow locks; 58 broad locks; 33 large locks.

This will take 100 hours, 21 minutes which is 11 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes at 9 hours per day.

For calculation purposes, this is taken as 11

Undoubtedly, with stopping, and general ameteurishness, it will take us far longer, but thats kind of the point!

Part II will be back up the Grand Union, to Northampton, Peterborough and finally Cambridge. More details to follow!


  1. Hey, small FYI, your rss link in the sidebar ("Subscribe in a Reader - Clicky!") is for FadeToScarlet, not nbLuckyDuck! Caused mild confusion!

  2. thanks!

    Changing blog names is more trouble than i anticipated!

  3. Dont forget to look out for Maffi and Bones on the lower end of the Oxford

  4. But of course, Maffi! Visiting you two is on our list of 'important things to do'. Will probably be at the southern end of the Oxford around the second week of August. :)

  5. Look out for us then, we'll be at Cropredy for the festival then making our way further down from the 10th or so onwards.