Thursday, 22 May 2008

July pootling...

Yesterday I got quite frustrated and upset with the fact that we still have over 2 months before we can move in (I know its nothing really, but it feels like a long time), and with life in general. Thankfully James was on hand to offer advice and hugs, and he reminded me that Lucky Duck could be ours in just over a month and theres no reason why we can't go up and pootle about during the weekends in July before we bring the boat back! For some reason this hadn't occurred to me! So, yay!

Edit: Bones' and Athena's comments below also contributed to cheering me up yesterday :)

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  1. Hi Amy
    Great Blog. Don't worry about the time you have to wait It will be so worth it in the end, when you are on the water time realy slows down.
    Iv'e been boating now for over 20 years and although I don't live aboard boating has seen me through some realy stressfull times. Enjoy...