Sunday, 18 May 2008

Extended Cruising Plan

Having thought about my options for when I leave my job in London, I have decided to take the last two-three weeks as annual leave, which means that I can leave London at the end of July. This, in turn means that we can take as long as we like to bring the boat back from Birmingham to Cambridge. In fact we will probably at least double the original journey (see my post on Sun 27 April) but incorporating the Thames Ring into our trip, as well as a little trip down the Regent's Canal. We really feel that we ought to make the most of the chance to be out on the Inland waterways, and that it would be worth delaying coming back and settling in Cambridge by a few weeks in favour of having a proper holiday. I'm so excited about discovering bits of the BCN, the Oxford Canal, the Thames, the Regents and the GU as well as the Nene, the Middle Levels and the Cam!

We'd also love to meet as many people as possible on our journey so we'll keep everyone up to date on our progress (we plan to have mobile internet) and just see who we run into really (not literally - I hope we're not that inept!) So if, during August you see Lucky Duck pootling by, do give us a wave/come onboard for a cup of tea!

Various family members and friends will be on board for relevant bits too - my dad might do a bit of the Thames, since he used to be a (rowing)boat-maker in Oxford, perhaps some of James' family when we're nearer Reading, and my mum maybe for part of the Grand Union near Northampton.

Here's a map with our planned route doodled on:


  1. That's a great route - I'm very jealous!

    Have added you to my blog roll.


  2. Thanks Adam! I am fizzing with excitement but have 2 months still to go...

    Have done likewise re blog roll!

  3. Hm - I remember drawing that map but can't quite recall which version you've got there... is it from an IWA leaflet?