Friday, 24 June 2011

My Favourite Finds v.11: Swish Report

So, last night, we held our Swish. We had tags to tell the stories of the clothes, changing rooms cunningly made out of display boards, cakes, and cordial. 

The 'changing rooms'
Story tags



How do I look?

Everything went to plan: we picked up the rails from Oxfam, set out the room at the Engineering Department, laid out the treats and drinks, and had some nice music playing. Unfortunately we didn't have nearly as many ladies show up as we'd have liked, which was a shame. But, it was a success in the sense that everyone who came had fun, and almost everyone came home with something new. The small number of ladies (I think we only had about 10) meant that everyone got to know each other and give opinions on the clothes that were tried on. So thanks to all the lovely ladies who were able to make make it. I hope you had fun too!

I brought quite a few things, and in the end only took home one new top, a pretty grey, flowery Laura Ashley dress/tunic.

All the unswapped clothes went to Oxfam, and we will definitely be organsing another. Perhaps it was good to start small, but now we know it all works, we can easily arrange another date for the Autumn and really work hard at publicising it to get more people and more clothes.

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  1. This is so my cup of tea and I am really really sorry I don't live nearer!

  2. I think starting off small is definitely a good thing. Gives you a chance to work out all the potential niggles, plus can you imagine if you'd be overrun with people first time out? It would have been a nightmare to keep on top of!

  3. This is a really great idea! Thanks for sharing it on your blog!