Friday, 17 June 2011

London Olympics 2012

Picture: the Guardian
So, it's official - I just got the email - we're going to watch some Olympic rowing at Dorney Lake next year! I applied for tickets as a very last minute 'well, why not' sort of way, but thankfully I found it all pretty straightforward with the help of the wonderful Diamond Geezer's guide to ticket application (if you've not come across his blog before, do have a look - it's fantastic). I only applied for £100 worth of tickets, in case I ended up being 'lucky' and getting them all, but in the end they only took £40 out of my account, which means that we're not going to see any finals but will see some excellent semi- and quarter- final rowing none the less. The tickets are pretty good value because you can stay all day at the lake and watch as much as you like. 

We visited Dorney by boat in 2008, and moored up close by with Warrior. Sarah and Jim fed us a delicious curry after we'd been for a walk to look at the lake itself, eerily empty and vast in the dusk light. It will be quite a different atmosphere next August, and I'm pretty excited! 

Did you apply for tickets, and if so, were you lucky?

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  1. Hey well done! I don't think I've got got tickets to the Rowing, but I think I'm off to Dorney for the canoeing.

  2. Well done Amy. I reckon the rowing must be the best value of any event, and you don't have to fight your way through London to get there. Happy memories of our stroll round Dorney inyour expert company. Olympic tickets AND a comment from dg!

    Ah... I can comment on your blog again. It wasn't working back when I wanted to say how pleased I was that the shortbread worked.

  3. We had the Olympics in Sydney in 2000, It was just the best time, the atmosphere in the city was just electric. There were giant screens scattered throughout the city with many outdoor bars etc.
    No problems whatsoever, it was a great event.
    You will love it, and I am sure it will be a success.

  4. Yup, I've got my tickets to watch the cross country day of the eventing and I'm SO excited. They were the only ones I applied for and at £77 for one adult and one senior citizen, I think it's great value for money. There'll be about 5-6 hours of sport on the day and Greenwich Park should be an amazing setting for it.

    Hope you have a great time at the rowing!

  5. We applied for three events and have been successful in one of them, either men's gym in the Dome, or table tennis at ExCel. Our daughter applied for lots and got nothing. It seems that the less you applied for the more the likelihood of success, but I might be completely wrong about that.

  6. Just heard - it's the table tennis. I just hope I can follow the action. At this level it's amazingly fast.