Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A belated Midsummertide

Midsummer's Eve sky Source

If you are going to cycle 11km back home at 9:45 pm, then Midsummer's Day is surely the time to do it. Last night, there was still light, and so I decided to set off for home in the dusk. I made it back, to find that James was on Pippin, and so stopped for a cup of tea and a chat with John and Tom (who deigned to join us).

My cycling challenge has been mostly sucessful so far: I have decided that cycling back along that route after dark by myself is probably not wise, so on Monday night I took the train. I've been enjoying the cycle and can make the 11km route (all flat) in 35 minutes with the wind or 45 minutes against it, going as fast as I can, and doing some good cardio work, so I just hope I can continue to keep it up now!

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