Friday, 4 February 2011

Windy Night

Like elsewhere in the country, it has been very windy here in Cambridge. It is still gusting up to 50mph. Last night James got up to secure the boat against the rocking of the wind (on the Common we are in a side wind) and make sure the roof furniture was safe. The noise meant that we didn't sleep well, but otherwise we felt pretty safe. We use a very long ground anchor hammered in behind the concrete edge of the bank at the bow, and two interlocked shorter pins behind the concrete at the stern.

Our neighbours on NB Dragonfly were not so lucky. Seeing the gap where their boat should have been this morning, I was a bit worried. I looked up and saw that Dragonfly was over the other side of the river, pushed against the bank by the wind, and thankfully not going anywhere. In the ground on this side, I could see where the mooring pins had been ripped out of the bank. I rushed over to the other bank, to see if I could help, but there was no-one in. So I got their mid-rope and tied it up to the bank (to a convenient stump) so that the boat wouldn't go anywhere else. Unfortunately, although James has the number of the owners, I don't, so I wasn't able to get in touch. Fingers crossed it just stays put until they get home!


  1. Exciting or what! All I got was a rather irritating fireplace that makes fartung noises in a high wind.

    Hope your Dragonfly people are OK.

  2. So lucky that you saved their home!