Monday, 7 February 2011


Dragonfly was safely moored up when we got back on Friday evening, and we had a thank-you message from the owners. But the high winds continued over the weekend. Both of my outings were cancelled, although I did get a chance to row in the mens boat on Sunday, through the choppy waves and wind, which was fun, but tiring!

On Saturday afternoon there was a college race being held, so James and I decided to walk out to watch it along the Reach, and made an afternoon of it, stopping in the Plough pub at Fen Ditton. Despite having visited this pub several times, I'd never walked there, only arrived by boat!

Sitting on the river bank (James wearing the lovely Craghopper shoes I found for him in a charity shop for £6.50!)

Waves on the Reach

Wonderful house in Fen Ditton

On the way back into town, we were walking along the footpath, approaching the railway bridge, when we heard a mighty snap and crash as a large tree fell across the path in front of us, missing us by about 5 metres. It was pretty scary but all over in a matter of seconds. It seems that the tree was rotten, and simply snapped at the bottom of the trunk. It doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened had we been walking a little faster, or stopped in the pub slightly longer...


  1. I hope your wind calms down glad no one was hurt by the tree!

  2. What a lucky escape you had! Phew...

  3. on the bright side, that should kee the fire in.

    We were kept in training, no point going out in an 8 as we would not do anymore than fight the wind

  4. You are lucky,but tree ......