Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Ahhh, it really feels springlike here today. After a cold day yesterday I felt entirely overdressed in jumper, opaque tights, scarf and coat when I went out for lunch earlier. I saw so many signs of spring as I walked through Cambridge- the trees and flowers are beginning to come back to life.

Look carefully and you can spot a ladybird!

Love the sunlight through these leaves but didn't quite get the focus.

Focus better on this one!

It is a simply glorious day, and I am extremely envious of James being on half term and able to enjoy the sunshine on the river. He just called to say that he will be out at our old mooring when I finish work, as he's gone for a cruise. I'm quite looking forwards to the cycle home in fact. If it's still sunny it will be a lovely cycle along the river.

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  1. I'm loving seeing all the spring pictures...we've still got a couple more months of ice and snow here...