Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fox Tales

We had a bizarre experience last night. We awoke at 2:30am to very strange noises: a lot of splashing and water moving about, and thumps on the the side of the boat. The boat was also moving oddly. Our first thought was that it was a bunch of kids messing about in the water, but there were no voices. So, James got up and went to investigate. He looked outside, and shouted back 'I think its a fish!'. However, on further inspection, he saw that it was in fact a fox! It had fallen in (perhaps while investigating the pair of shiny green cat's eyes looking out from the kitchen window?), got trapped between the boat and the bank, and our tyre fenders had prevented it from swimming out. So James loosened the mooring ropes, and it was able to swim out, making its way swiftly to the opposite bank, where it hopped out at the CRA boathouse, as the bank is much lower there.

Co-incidentally, while returning from a friend's house late on Tuesday night, we saw another fox, perhaps even the same one, and a hedgehog!

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