Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter in Ely

16 miles, 2 locks
7 cups of tea!

Tomorrow, we are meeting the Warriors- Jim and Sarah- and Simon and Ann on Melaleuca for a catch-up over a beer or two, and then a convoy into Cambridge on Tuesday. To that end, Amy and I decided to move the Duck to Ely to get a mooring space and prepare for the "frolics" as Jim would undoubtedly say.

We meant to leave at about 10am.

But yesterday was the boat race, and we went to the pub. And stayed in the pub until closing time, with most of the rest of the rowing club, and then went for an "after-party" at a friends' flat- so, as we didn't get to bed until the wee small hours, we didn't leave until 1:30 pm or so.

Oops. Oh well, we missed the rain, and helped a hireboat- a cruiser from Ely's Bridge Boatyard- through Baits Bite lock with us, as we headed off towards the "Ship of the Fens". Joined by another hireboat, both with crews visiting from Germany, they were soon christened the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. We stopped at our old mooring to allow them to overtake and work through the lock with the rest of the bank holiday traffic, and we had a cup of tea with John and Jackie on Pippin, along with Louise and Andreas from Rowanberry. After a catch-up, we headed off again at 4:30 towards Ely, sharing the lock- which was expertly operated by John- with Rowanberry, as they were off to Burwell. If John ever gets tired of hole-making, he ought to seriously consider a career with the EA on a Thames lock!

Moored in Ely

The sun broke through after some weak showers, and we arrived in Ely at 6:30 or so, having made good time. There were more moorings than I thought there would be, and so we managed to find a slightly angled spot alongside a small park in the centre of town- good for Lyra- and about 30 seconds walk away from The Best Teashop In The World (TM)- Peacocks- good for us! We went for a walk into the centre of town, photographing the Cathedral in the wonderful evening light, before heading home to watch last night's Doctor Who on iPlayer and eat some tasty fajitas for tea.

"Hang on a minute- warmhomeplace is the same, but the world is not- where's Cambridge gone?!"

Tomorrow morning brings the promise of a choice of 75 varieties of tea and many different types of cake, before meeting the gang.

All in all, a rather lovely Easter weekend!


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