Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fen Tiger

Photo: Rachel Slater/Cambridge News

Apparently, local residents in Histon (North of Cambridge) have seen six-inch cat pawprints in the snow, indicating a return of the notorious 'Fen Tiger'! Here's the story in the local paper. The pawprints look a bit dog like to me, but they are certainly pretty big! Its not the first time there have been reports of a big cat living wild in the Fens, hence the nickname 'Fen Tiger'. It is rather wonderful that it made front page news though!

Can't have been our Lyra, she was here:

Roast cat, anyone?

Pawprints in the snow: dangerous cats on the loose?


  1. Hello Amy, Charlotte has told us so much about your boat and you cat, Lyra, that I just had to visit your fantastic blog.