Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bags of usefulness

For Christmas, James' mum and Alison gave us several Onya bags which have already proved to be invaluable:

They are light bags made of strong parachute fabric, which can be easily scrunched up into the tiny integral carry bag. I always mean to take carrier bags to the shops with me, but its so easy to forget! These, however, have a little caribiner, making them easy to attach to keyrings/handbags etc.

She gave us each a standard Onya:

as well as an Onya Weigh for which contains reusable bags to weigh and wash vegetables - ingenious - and an Onya Side for James (which works on the same principle but opens out to form a good sized messenger bag).

I know I sound like a commercial, but they really are very good. We've used them loads already for laundry and groceries and we've only had them a week! I also looked at their website today and found that they also do biodegradable poo bags which don't just fall apart into harmful plastic flakes but actually compost. They are designed for dog owners but I have ordered some to use for collecting and disposing of Lyra's litter tray offerings, which I previously used non-biodegradable food bags for.

Thanks Pat and Alison!


  1. I think you'll find that thanks need to go to Alison too!

  2. Oh! I must have remembered who gave what wrongly, sorry! Thanks indeed also to Alison, and post duly edited!