Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cats! on Ice

No, not a new ice-skating version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic, but the antics of the Pippins' cat Tom Kitten. He has been merrily wandering about on our frozen mooring basin, and has left his pawprints in the snow! Lyra has not been quite so adventurous (partly because she doesn't have a catflap - more on the solution to that later) but she has been encouraged to come out and play in the snow.

Tom's pawprints on the ice

Cambridge is looking lovely in the snow, although we've not had as much of it as some places. We've been able to get into work every day this week, even if we have had to wait ages for public transport, and once share a taxi with fellow commuters who like us, had got bored waiting.

Christ's Pieces looking magical.

Today, after rowing (a very coooold 8am outing with lots of ice floating in the Cam followed by a much nicer 11am outing for me, and a 10am one for James) we went for a walk near Clayhithe and were able to follow up on what we had learnt about the latest development in the Helena Knowlsey story. Again, according to the Cambridge News, the new owners were unable to float and move the boat in time for the deadline. The Cam Conservators stepped in and impounded the boat, taking it to their moorings at Clayhithe. The new owners will now have to pay a fee to get it back.

Helena at Clayhithe.

Also while we were out, we walked past Bottisham lock, which is completely frozen solid.
Cut below Bottisham lock

Oh yes, and regarding the issue of Lyra's freedom, we have come up with a solution that doesn't involve cutting holes in the boat yet. We can't cut cat flap holes in the back doors as they're to small, or the front door because they are curved. We are currently considering cutting through the stern or bow bulkhead,but aren't sure if we want to do that yet. So for now, we have a plan. We will make her an insulated snug, from a catflap fitted into the side of a wooden box, and lined with polystyrene and a spare duvet. John on Pippin has provided the perfect box, picked up in the dump for a fiver, and we already have the catflap. More on this project to follow!

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