Saturday, 6 June 2009

Ship's Cat

Introducing the latest addition to the Duck's crew: Lyra, who is making herself very much at home, and seems to be enjoying life afloat so far. I went and collected her by myself this morning after my rowing outing since James is not well and is confined to bed. Thanks go to the team at the Blue Cross rescue centre in Cambridge who have been really helpful and friendly, making the adoption process very easy for us, and not at all worried about rehoming cats to boats! I left in a taxi with all Lyra's papers, and several weeks worth of food for her, and a cat carrier that went 'meeeep'. She didn't enjoy the taxi ride to our mooring but it didn't take too long and she did actually get used to it towards the end. I was a bit worried, since when my family took our cats home when I was 11, they were both very car-sick! But Lyra was very good. I arrived back home and we opened the box and let her make her way out. 

She then spent several hours rushing about, sticking her nose into every nook and cranny, watching ducks out of the window and playing with her new toy.

Now she is sleepy and curled up purring next to me. She's not completely asleep, but pricks up her ears every time she hears birds near the windows or the sound of another boat's drainage pump. She has quite happily used her litter box and worked out where her food bowl was even before it contained any food! Its lovely to have her about and I'm amazed at how quickly she became comfortable  and affectionate with us and happy with her new surroundings. 

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