Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Lakes Trip Day 1

Lase weekend saw us, along with the residents of nb Kestrel, some members of our rowing club, and some of (big) James' colleagues, in the Lake District. The trip had been excellently organised by James and Emma and is something of an annual event. We were predicted amazing weather so it was with some anticipation that we set off  Northwards on Friday afternoon.

At 9:30 or so in the evening we arrived at Great Langdale campsite, having been driven there by a colleague of (big)James. We set up our tent (recently acquired from James' mum) which we had never put up before, let alone seen! It turned out to be far bigger than expected, but thankfully easy to put up. We nicknamed it the Millenium Dome because it was so pointlessly large for two people camping for two nights! Alas I didn't get any photos. We retired to bed after a dinner cooked on the Kestrels' new BBQ which was still going when we arrived.

On Saturday morning, we awoke to a beautifully sunny morning, as predicted, and the whole party set off at about 8:30am. (big) James, as expedition leader, had picked out a lovely route, taking us up to Stickle Tarn, on to Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle before ascending Pike of Stickle (on top of which I found full 3G signal and blogged the last post!) then returning to the campsite and pub down a long slow path, not too had on the knees! We stopped to eat on top of Pavey Ark, where James cooked our lunch of sausages, which was quite excellent. There was quite an ability range, so the group did spilt up according to relative speed of walking, but we all enjoyed the walk and the weather remained fantastic! 

James attempts the rugged mountaineer thing on top of Pavey Ark.

Lunchtime! (the highest sausages in England?)

We had a lovely dinner at the pub in Great Langdale. My game casserole was particularly excellent, and retired to bed, looking forward to the next day, when we hoped to complete a longer walk with (big)James, Jess, and Dan.

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