Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I'll bet you a fiver...

... you can't do that again! said my James to (big)James when he was awarded a score of 10/10 by the lock keeper for his entry into Salter's Lode Lock last summer.

He had all but forgotten this wager, when a couple of days ago, Kestrel was again en route from Cambridge (via the New Bedford tidal river) to the Middle Level through Salter's Lode. And lo and behold, he went and did it again!

So, last night at the pub, the princely sum of £5 was handed over, and will now be signed, framed, and placed in Kestrel's engine room apparently! (big) James has also bet £5 that my James will get a score of at least 7/10 next time we do it, which means that he will have to screw up spectacularly and deliberately if he is to win it back!


  1. I thought the agreement was screw it up completely (less than 5/10) or 10/10 for a fiver? we will of course be sending an independent adjudicator for this!

  2. Amy is right about the conditions of the bet.

    Its just last night I was thinking I should have gone along the lines Emma suggests.

    Mind you, I'd be willing to pay a tenner to see James score 1 out of ten....to do that you must have to miss the lock completely!