Friday, 22 May 2009

Special Visitors

This blog really has become a series of cute fluffy animal photos but I can't help but put these ones up!

Yesterday morning, as I was cycling to work I noticed a proud pair of swans with a freshly-hatched brood of cygnets. I thought they might possibly be Flanders and Swann, 'our' pair who John blogged about recently, but this wasn't confirmed until last night when we heard a commotion of peeping and the whole family came past our moorings! 

It was too dark to get any photos but luckily this morning they came by again, just as I was about to set off. John and Jackie feed them so they are regular visitors to Pippin, and know how to tap on the side hatch until it opens and the special swan food is distributed! It seemed that they had brought their new family over to show off to Pippin and get fed!

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