Saturday, 16 May 2009


The title refers to two things.

Firstly, to my unfortunate capsize in a four this morning (it was very windy and bowside's blades got caught under the concrete bank. We toppled in slowly, but no-one was hurt, we just got a bit wet!)

Secondly to our visit to the Blue Cross in the afternoon. We fell in love with a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat who goes by the name of April. She was a stray so its impossible to know exactly how old she is, but the shelter estimates her to be about 6 or 7 months old. She was friendly, excitable, and seems like the sort of cat who would make the most of our lovely setting. In a couple of weeks time the Blue Cross will come to our mooring to give us a home visit, and if they are happy, she will be able to come home soon after that! This isn't a good photograph, she was rushing about too much to capture, but she is beautiful, with huge green eyes, and lovely brindled fur.

This evening, our friend and her four year old son came to visit us at our mooring, which was great fun. The boys raced around on the grass, and when he left, Yano got a ride in John III's trolley! We also had a nice few drinks as the sun went down aboard Pippin, which was very welcome.

Now we are definitely NOT watching Eurovision. Oh no, that would be far too trashy... Ahem.

We also have to choose a name for the new addition to our family. April is pretty but she only got it because she was picked up as a stray in that month... Current ideas include Quantum (Jess has always believed in the presence of a cat which may or may not exist aboard our boat) and Leander. More suggestions welcome!