Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Our new companion

After much indecisiveness, we have elected to call our cat Lyra. We are still yet to have a home visit, and then she may still have to have another vaccination before she comes to us, but we can't wait!

Lyra is a constellation but also the heroine of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

Lyra is also a Star-class butty, so the name has plenty of canal connections! Granny Buttons wrote about Pullman and Lyra here: and the boat itself is now used as a floating shop and workshop by Ben Selfe of Knot Crazy, who makes traditional ropework fenders.

Butty Lyra

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  1. A fine name it is too. I expect that my Lyra who has recently joined me on my boat was named after the PP character, she came with her name and I decided to keep it as it seemed right and I too had found the waterways connection. Not sure if the two of them would get on too well though. Hope that everything goes well with the Home visit etc and she is with you soon.