Monday, 23 March 2009

Duck Dive

Yesterday, I arrived back from work and saw a trail of wet foot prints leading towards the boat, and entered the well deck to see a pile of wet clothes and boots on the floor.

A somewhat damp James explained sheepishly that he'd been examining a bollard (as you do...) and had missed the edge of the riverbank. He found himself up to his neck in the Cam and had earned a round of applause from some nearby tourists! The pizzas he'd just bought were also rendered inedible...


  1. Ooops! Poor James! I know only to well what this is like having made an involuntary inspection of the bottom of the Cam scant yards from where you are now moored!

    Thanks for your kind words re: the work on the flexible coupling. I'm only sorry we didn't fix it that night....And thanks also for the sausage and mash supper!

    Remember the offer of a tow still stands if Camcon get cross with you for overstaying on the 48s

    John (Pippin)

  2. I've just remebered the old Goon Show character whose catchphrase was "Errrh He fallen in de water!!"

    The characters name?

    "Little Jim"....

    Tee Hee!


    Big John

  3. FUnny you should say that, John- I remembered the catch phrase and used it that evening...

  4. Having fallen in a few times myself, I well know not only the feeling,(Extremely wet.....) but also that one only starts to see the funny side of it quite some time later!.......

  5. James has a history of falling into the water, as Helz will confirm. :P