Sunday, 28 September 2008

An Update

Apologies for the dearth of blogs. We have been somewhat preoccupied by the processes of finding jobs, the scattering of CVs like confetti, the online applications, the interviewing... But thankfully I now have a job: working in the White Stuff shop in Cambridge. Its hardly career-boosting but we need the money and i enjoy retail work. The White Stuff shop is the biggest in the country, with frequent visits from head office and very high expectations of its staff. Its going to be a challenge, but I hope I'll enjoy it! Long-term, I would like to go back to university to do a Masters and eventually architectural research, but for now I'm happy to settle into Cambridge life and get the boat fixed up!

James has an interview for a job as an ICT support position at a school in Cambridge, whoch would be excellent if he gets it, since he would like to go into teaching.

We've just been enjoying the sun, trying not to get too stressed about work/finances, and seeing friends for the past few days. Once I start work (tomorrow) life will have a different rhythm, but it will be good to establish a routine again. We will continue blogging when anything interesting happens that is worth writing about but obviously it won't be everyday!

Thanks again to everyone who's commented and wished us well!

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  1. Hi Amy. Great to see what you're up to - facebook/ stalker book is an amazing thing.

    I'm in Aberdeen - last year of writing up - and have been looking at Landscapes for Growth pictures all day! Can you remember the surname of the David who showed us how to make concrete slabs?

    Wondered if James's job was up at Mayfield?!

    Take care & happy boating. (My Dad has a narrow boat, moored on the Union Canal near Kegworth)