Thursday, 11 September 2008

Day Forty-One - Bored Meeting

Northampton, still...

0 miles, 0 locks

We have had another fairly uneventful day, doing some odd jobs on the boat like re-attaching the fender that got hung up on a lock gate on the Rothersthorpe Flight, and mounting our Absinthe Robette poster on some card salvaged from the back of the Netto; it's now securely screwed to the underside of the bed. We went for a wander round Northampton - its actually not that bad a place, in the centre, and did some general admin like changing our addresses at various banks. We also picked up a cardboard box from a shop's rubbish to store the contents of the engine room cupboard - the batteries are underneath the bottom of this and we wanted to be able to remove the contents quickly if we needed to access them

Sorry, all this is so unexciting to write, I dread to think what it must be like to read! One thing that was exciting, however, was seeing Jim's excellent scumbling in the back cabin. Its not finished yet but its looking good.

Anyway, here are some photos that we haven't get been able to upload:

Towing the Duck through the Rothersthorpe Flight.

The Northampton Arm: The Duck finally under her own power!

Horses try to obstruct our passage at Lock 15 on the way into Northampton a few days ago. Luckily they were more interested in eating than in us!

Our Northampton mooring.

Carlsberg don't do eyesores, but if they did... (the joint BW and EA boards in the foreground mark the change in waterways management and the gateway to the Nene)

The lock through which it will be very satisfying to proceed when eventually we do!

Our ducks on the side hatch (they're not quite roses and castles but we like them) and the Absinthe Robette poster just visible attached to the underside of the bed.

The Nene in flood; the Carlsberg 'factory' on the right.

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  1. "Sorry, all this is so unexciting to write, I dread to think what it must be like to read!"

    Actually, fascinating. Genuinely, it's really quite interesting tracking your progress. When will you guys be around Cam next? (You will be around Cam sometime, right?)