Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Northampton Nights

Whilst moored up waiting for the floods to subside in Northampton, I had charged up my DSLR camera and taken a few night shots of the Carlsberg factory, and only just uploaded it since James' laptop doesn't have and SD card reader and my PC works best on a shoreline connection:

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  1. whoops - just lost myself for a couple of hours reading through your adventures. I've had a summer on the canals (and Thames) myself, thankfully not quite as eventful... I [also?] have a BMC 1.5, raw water cooled, and whilst I've only needed to clean the seacock intakes once, I also had a bit of a prop shaft problem, in my case the clamping ring that connects between the universal joint & prop shaft had come loose, and whilst now tight, is still off centre; - the guy who worked on it reckons the grub screws have actually worked slots in the shaft.

    Oh, and Bones & Maffi are great company aren't they?

    Off for a trip on granny Buttons tomorrow. There really should be an I-spy book of canal bloggers, allowing you to tick them off as you meet them... ;-)