Thursday, 8 November 2012

Trapped in the Fens again

The Fen waterways are effectively cut off from the rest of the Inland Waterways, from now until the end of February 2013. The Environment Agency are carrying out a series of maintenance works on five locks on the river Nene over the winter. The dates overlap such that the only gap is between 21 Dec and the 02 Jan. This would be enough time to travel the length of the river, providing it is not in flood, but at that time of year, flooding is very likely. EDIT: Weekend passage is possible by arrangement with the EA.


Islip - 05 Nov 2012 to 07 Dec 2012
Irthlingborough - 12 Nov 2012 to 26 Nov 2012
Ashton - 26 Nov 2012 to 21 Dec 2012
Elton - 02 Jan 2013 to 01 Feb 2013
Orton - 28 Jan 2013 to 28 Feb 2013

Due to essential maintenance work the above locks will be closed during the periods stated. 
The Agency regrets any inconvenience caused.
For further information please call the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 
between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and ask for the Waterways Team in the 
Anglian Region.

The Nene is currently in Strong Stream Advice and navigation is not advised. Additionally, the poor sunken boat at Ditchford lock has yet to be rescued, and so that lock is also closed until further notice.

Picture: RCR
All this also means that we can't sell the Duck or buy another boat until the Spring. However, we hope to be poised to start making exciting things happen as soon as we are able to get things moving in March!

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  1. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise - it's nice to have a heating system that you know and understand when going into winter!

    Looking forward to the Spring though - for many reasons - it will be nice to be on the move again (if we can redesign out boat steps for Lou!).

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    ps seeing that poor sunken boat puts things into perspective - poor souls - so glad they all got off safely.

  2. Unless you bought and sold to someone else on the fens.

    1. We could sell to someone in the Fens but there are no boats this side of the Nene that we want to buy!

    2. if you could get a boat you wanted to the BW marina in Milton Keynes, they do lift out, move and put back in at Priory Marina in Bedford (also BW).

    3. Thanks. Not quite at that stage yet :) Would rather do the boating in any case, as well!

  3. Let me spirit you back in time to a world less immediate than our own. . . . .

    In which, for one glorious evening, lived this newspaper headline:


    If the rest of the system is still cut off from our Fenland home come spring, fear not!

    There's always Shiply and a crane......