Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Meet the Boaters 3 - Mort

This is a new series I've started on the blog - a chance to meet some of  the diverse bunch of people who live on boats on the canals and rivers. I've asked them all to answer a few questions about themselves and their life afloat!

Mort is a friend of ours, and she has a blog at www.mortimerbones.blogspot.com

Mort, 38, Research Scientist

How did you end up living afloat?
My friend, who lived on a narrowboat, went off to Africa as a Voluntary Service Officer and asked whether I would like to look after his boat while he was away for two years. Unbeknown to him I needed somewhere to live so I moved on board. By the time he came home I couldn’t quite come to terms with moving back into the stationary world of the land so I purchased my own boat.

What is your favourite thing about living afloat?

The water is a great place for a tired and weary mind.

And your least favourite?

Other people running generators for hours on end

Has living on a boat changed you at all?

I am not sure anything changes us, it just helps us become who we were meant to be. (I love this - I  think I was always meant to be a boater too! - Amy)

If you'd like to be involved, do get in touch using one of these methods below. I'd love to feature you and your boat!


  1. Ah very perceptive Dr Bones as always (Q4), perhaps that is why I found it all so alienating. I have just one more thing to say ........SAUSAGES!

  2. Don't mention the sausages!!!! Giggle.