Thursday, 22 November 2012

Getting the word out!

Plans are afoot 'round here. We are hoping to start make things happen with trading up to a longer, older boat early next year, and so I am trying get the word about the fact that our 48' narrowboat Lucky Duck will be coming up for sale. I've written a full, detailed description of the boat (linked from the pic in the sidebar too), and I'm starting to publicise the fact that we will be selling up soon. It would be brilliant if we could get a buyer lined up early (wishful thinking perhaps, but we can hope!). It won't be officially for sale and up on Apollo Duck or any other boat sale sites until we've had an offer accepted on the next boat, but if things go to plan, that should be sometime in early 2013.

So, this is where we need your help! First and most obviously, if one of your New Year's resolutions will be to buy a boat, or you know someone who's thinking of getting afloat, and you think the Duck might suit, then do get in touch. We would also be very grateful if anyone would be kind enough to put the word out on their blog, with a link to the description, or on Facebook, Twitter, or simply by keeping an ear out for potential buyers! 

The Duck would make an excellent starter boat for someone as it's all set up and ready to go as a live-aboard or a holiday boat, either on or off the grid. The systems are all in good order, the engine runs well and it is an easy to handle boat (as proven by the fact that I can single hand it!). It's got its Boat Safety Certificate until December 2013, and was blacked last in 2011. 

It's been a good home for us over the past four years, but we're ready for the next adventure!

(P.S As I've said before, sadly it doesn't come with the Cambridge mooring)

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  1. Oooh that sounds exciting to be moving 'boat'!
    I love the idea of living on a boat but as a working potter there would be no room for a studio never mind a kiln!! Wishing you all the best with the sale (I will keep an ear out!) x

  2. Cat, I reckon a boat would make a fabulous studio and pottery! You'd have to live in the back cabin like traditional cargo carrying boats had, and give the rest of the hull over to workshop and humungous generator for an electric kiln.

    But it could be done! :-)

    Probably not on the dear old Lucky Duck though!


    John (wb Pippin)