Saturday, 12 May 2012

In the Detail

Our Cam Conservancy licence sticker just arrived (over a month after I sent them the money) and I noticed a few things that worried me:

1) The boat reg. number was written in waterbased ink which I was able to remove
easily (I have now gone over it with a permanent marker)

2) It is sticky on the back meaning that it is designed to be stuck on the
OUTSIDE of a boat unlike the EA and mooring stickers which go on the inside 
and are sticky on the front. (I'm planning to get a tax disc to hold it inside a window)

These two things combined mean that it would be possible to remove someone's
sticker from their boat, rub off their number and replace your own, which
strikes me as extremely ill thought out and insecure.

Additionally, if you look at the letter, it was originally addressed to 'Sir' and has been replaced with Madam by hand. Firstly, if they just printed off hundreds of the same letter, had it not occurred to them that some of their licence holders are women? Why not just address it to Licence Holder? Perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a one off-error.

It's details like this which really show the Cam Con up as being a bit inept.

/end rant

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  1. How very kind of you Amy, I think that the CC qualify as VERY inept!

  2. /continue rant
    'To whom it may concern' so you are an unknown licence holder then Amy with no delivery address and/or boat name?
    What IS the point of them collecting personal information if they're not going to slap it in a simple database and use it to address the letter properly.... poor presentation and use of information really does get my back up!!
    /OK rant over now

  3. We still await ours......

    Somewhere in the back of my mind is a phrase that involves the testing of organisational skills, wild parties and beer-making establishments, and I'm sure it applies to CamCon.

    Just can't seem to place it.....


  4. I try to encapsulate (laminate) the BWB discs when they arrive. They can then be placed safely on the window without fear of condensation turning them inside pulp. For glue-on-the-wrong-side and water soluble ink it should also help and give something a little more resilient to handle. (I use one A4-sized encapsulation sheet and guillotine it afterwards, thus each disc ends up in the middle of an A5-sized piece of transparent plastic).